Hotel Edelmira / Guanajuato


This Hotel is set amidst the beautiful city of Guanajuato, its beauty lies in the quarry and good design due to its elegance and vintage style.


Edelmira amazed us for the beauty in its spaces and the original decor of the different rooms, with no doubt, they knew exactly what they wanted to offer as an unforgettable experience for their guests.


Many good things to say when it comes to their service and attention, walking through its corridors and stairways make us feel an ambivalence of times merging to give a modern and ancient atmosphere at the same time.


A restaurant decorated with colorful talavera and pleasant light entering from the top of the Hotel, the kitchen specializes in various traditional dishes and especially in its delicious breakfasts.


The rooms are spacious and very comforting, they all attain a similar atmosphere but every room offers different details that give a unique touch to each and every one of them.


One can say that the ideal day in the hotel is to wake up and enjoy a delicious breakfast accompanied by coffee or tea, take a walk through the center of Guanajuato and its romantic hideaways, have an afternoon of relaxation in the hotel spa, a cocktail in the pool or Jacuzzi and a romantic dinner on the terrace of the Hotel, which besides offering a very tasteful environment it has the best of the views of Guanajuato at night.


We fell in love with the magic of Guanajuato and its alleys full of memories, Edelmira Hotel Boutique is located not only in a privileged place to experience the best of this city, but it truly makes you feel as part of its beauty by staying in a hotel of this category.


We are grateful that Hotel Edelmira shared with the Discovery Quest Mexico team this live experience of days and nights of real charm in the city of Guanajuato.



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